7 Highest-Paying Network Administration Jobs in Web3 Industry

7 Highest-Paying Network Administration Jobs in Web3 Industry

Network administrators oversee software and hardware that run a company’s data network. In Web3, network administration involves maintaining the infrastructure supporting decentralized technologies. With its rapid evolution, the industry needs skilled personnel to handle Web3 network administration jobs.

A Web3 network administrator manages the company’s data systems, monitors its performance, troubleshoots the system for issues, and provides technical support for the users. They work as a part of the IT team and coordinate with other departments to determine the technological requirements of the company. Their goal is to build a network that meets the business requirements now and continues to do so in the future.

Web3 offers a vast range of network administration jobs. So today we are going over the highest-paying Web3 network administration jobs. Have a look!

1. Infrastructure Manager

A Web3 infrastructure manager designs, implements, and maintains the network infrastructure of decentralized applications. It involves:

  • Working with hardware, software, or both.
  • Managing servers, routers, switches, and other networking devices for optimal performance.
  • Making sure each component of the network performs reliably.
  • Monitoring network activity.
  • Troubleshooting issues.
  • Implementing security measures against cyber threats.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards.

As a Web3 network administrator in this role, you can specialize in any one aspect of the network. For example, you can focus on periodic reviews or dealings with vendors. The salary range for this position is $113,000 to $197,000 per year.

2. Cloud Administrator

Cloud administrators handle cloud computing services for their organizations. The professionals in this position are responsible for transferring locally hosted data to the cloud environment. They also configure the cloud environment to meet the company’s business requirements. They use access controls and encryption to monitor cloud security and protect sensitive data. These network administrators also troubleshoot issues to minimize downtime and optimize user experiences. The salary expectations for this role hover around $89,500 to $130,000 per year.

3. Systems Integrator

As the name suggests, a systems integrator builds systems. They integrate various hardware and software components to ensure Web3 applications and platforms work seamlessly. It’s about combining different subsystems into one unified solution. For this purpose they often have to:

  • Purchase subsystems from different contracted vendors.
  • Assess information technology (IT) system requirements.
  • Create an integration plan or solution.
  • Build a personalized application or architecture that meets client requirements.

The professionals in this Web3 network administrator position optimize network performance and enhance its scalability. They earn about $84,500 to $130,000 per year.

4. Network Manager

This Web3 network administrator oversees the operation and maintenance of blockchain networks. They ensure the reliability, security, and performance of the network infrastructure. These can be servers, nodes, and data centers. They maintain the network with timely software and hardware updates. Network managers also provide technical support and training on best practices. They troubleshoot network issues and monitor network performance to optimize its functionality. Sometimes, they also implement security measures to protect against cyber threats and mitigate vulnerabilities. Their salary ranges from $80,500 to $128,000 per year.

5. Cloud Systems Administrator

A cloud systems administrator oversees the software and network performance of a cloud computing system. They are specialists in cloud systems who manage its services and infrastructure. Their responsibilities include overseeing the deployment, configuration, and optimization of cloud computing resources. These can be virtual machines, storage, and networking. They also monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues to ensure its security and reliability. Their work involves handling both software and hardware to resolve issues that remote users might face. In this role, you can either work for a server hosting company or help other companies host their own cloud networks. Their yearly salary range is $88,500 to $125,000.

6. Storage Administrator

A storage administrator is responsible for storing and retrieving the most important data for a Web3 organization. They oversee the storage infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and reliability. For this purpose, they utilize software, hardware, and other tools. They regularly collect the data stored on local networks and cloud solutions and create backups. While doing this, storage administrators also identify issues and troubleshoot issues that might make company data vulnerable. They also design and implement storage solutions that align with the demands of decentralized platforms. This may require them to work with other IT professionals. They earn between $96,000 and $120,000 per year.

7. Infrastructure Analyst

Infrastructure analysts are all about finding and fixing problems within an organization’s computer network. They manage, optimize, and analyze network performance to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability. Their primary focus is handling system emergencies, such as network communications errors and malfunctioning server platforms, to minimize downtime. They also collaborate with development and security teams to ensure that the network infrastructure meets the needs of the organization. In this role, you can work as an employee for any specific company or as a consultant who advises Web3 businesses on their network infrastructure. The job has the potential of making $77,000 to $113,500 per year.

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Wrapping Up

Web3 offers numerous high-paying opportunities for network administration professionals. The seven positions you saw above are some of the many jobs that are exciting and rewarding. We took care to include both traditional and specialized positions to help you understand the scope of this niche. Start honing your skills, pursue relevant certifications, and stay updated on the latest trends. By adhering to these rules you’ll be joining your desired position in no time.

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