7 Career Options for Marketing Graduates

7 Career Options for Marketing Graduates

Marketing is no longer just promoting and selling products but has recently become a versatile industry with endless options. With careers that suit diverse skills and interests, a job in the marketing field is a fresh graduate’s gateway to the Web3 industry.

An expert reinforces the above facts in the following words, “A marketing degree is a universal degree because every business needs help generating awareness, interest, and revenue.”

So, it is not just us who think marketing is dynamic and diverse, but also the marketing experts. Offering positions for individuals of all strengths, marketing is one of your best bets to become an all-rounder in the Web3 industry.

The world is constantly evolving, requiring a multitude of marketing skills. Marketers as well as the audience have adapted to contemporary ways of receiving and spreading information. The demand for marketing experts in the Web3 industry is at an all-time high at the moment, which makes it a perfect moment for fresh graduates to apply for positions in the marketing departments of Web3 companies.

Who Should Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing?

Getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing can open several career paths for you in the Web3 landscape including, advertising, sales, and public relations. Pretty much everyone with a marketing mindset can opt for a bachelor’s degree in marketing, including the following:

  • Individuals focused on maximizing their earnings or landing their ideal job.
  • Those who are interested in the crypto and blockchain industry.
  • Candidates hoping to work as a sales representative or aiming higher to become a marketing manager, leading a team of talented marketers with diverse ideas.
  • Graduates who wish to work on their own with data, words, and images.
  • Individuals preferring to be the center of attention, presenting and pitching productive ideas to seniors and potential investors.

All industries, from banking to crypto, healthcare to music, national and international businesses, and profit and non-profit organizations, all need marketers to find a target audience and sell their products or services.

Read ahead to find how freshly graduated marketers can make this happen while making money simultaneously.

7 Career Options for Fresh Marketing Graduates

  • Marketing Assistant

One of the most popular career paths for fresh marketing graduates in the Web3 industry is marketing assistant. They make an annual income of $49,574 on average ($4,131 monthly). The beginners mostly start at $44,000 ($3,666 a month) while the seniors can go up to $58,500 per year ($4,875 a month). These candidates showcase multiple excellent skills, such as creativity, communication, and design.

Large-scale marketing companies, including crypto, often hire recent graduates as marketing assistants. They expect them to coordinate service or product promotions, write marketing communications, and use social media to improve the organization’s online presence. The marketing assistant position can help you prepare for more complex jobs.

  • Sales Representative or Sales Manager

One of the most widely available jobs is sales representative. Marketing is primarily about promoting and selling a product or service, and this is exactly what this job is about. It can also act as a foundation for other marketing areas, such as Web3.

Sales representatives can learn how to assess customers and give them what they want, whilst also promoting their products. They also possess exceptional verbal, listening, and presentation skills, which aid them in landing sales pitches.

The sales representatives make around $99,680 a year, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Social Media Manager or Digital Marketer

If you are into social media and hold a marketing degree, you may have hit the jackpot with this position. A social media manager or digital marketer uses famous outlets like Telegram, X.com, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote their company’s product or service.

Digital marketers also play a vital role in promoting Web3 as the decentralized web, a distributed recording technology that makes way for transparent and trustable transactions.

Social media managers are not just tech-savvy, but also remarkable at being creative and writing catchy captions. The social media manager or digital marketer tracks activity across all active social media platforms, ensuring they aren’t lacking anywhere.

Glassdoor reports that social media managers make an average amount of $53,175 a year.

  • Public Relations Specialist

Another excellent career choice for fresh graduates is public relations specialist. It includes dealing with clients directly and helping them maintain and develop a positive and lucrative relationship with the company.

The PR position will have you writing public announcements, managing press releases, and engaging with the web3 community, clients, and media to promote a product or service. Skills like public speaking and planning come in handy for conducting press conferences and similar publicity events.

Glassdoor reports a public relations specialist earns an annual amount of $50,118 on average. They can progress to PR manager, making a salary of $116,280 per year.

  • Market Research Analyst or Data Scientist

A great option for recent marketing graduates is a market research analyst or data scientist. They excel at creating and implementing campaigns, ensuring they achieve the desired outcome. The data scientists are currently being considered as the ‘neurons’ who will develop AI models to handle complex Web3 problems.

The market research analyst or data scientist works on consumer reaction assessments and monitors feedback about the advertising and packaging of a product. Although not entirely similar, the two roles overlap as both are involved in interpreting and organizing data with multiple statistical tools and software.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the market analyst makes an annual amount of $73,970 per year, making it a good option for fresh graduates.

  • Copywriter

If you are into content writing, simply enjoy making catchy lines, or are good at social media, copywriting may be it for you as a fresh marketing graduate. Similarly, if you prefer fast and automated transactions, Web3 copywriting is your answer.

From preparing copies of brochures, cards, and flyers to having them published on social media, copywriters are part of it. Copywriters are also expected to explain services and products through brochures, prepare newsletters along with annual reports, and keep track of company performance and goals.

As industries move towards contemporary tools, like blogs and social media, copywriters must also know search engine optimization (SEO) for higher rankings. Apart from educating potential clients about services, copywriters can also engage other professionals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a copywriter is $47,230 to $63,280 per year.

  • Event Planner

Although this job seems to be related to other fields, a freshly graduated marketer can opt for becoming an event planner. They are involved in arranging alumni gatherings, reunions, sports, and e-sport events, professional training Web3conferences, and other promotional events.

An event planner excels at foreseeing what a particular type of audience will enjoy and organizes events and activities accordingly. They also possess interpersonal skills, helping them learn in-depth about their industry. Skills like writing and handling social media are very useful for event planners as they can maximize the turnover, ultimately leading to higher profits.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports event planners make a median amount of $55,890 per year.

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