The Future of Web3 Jobs in 2024 - How to Be Prepared

The Future of Web3 Jobs in 2024 – How to Be Prepared

The arrival of Web3, a new era of the internet, has been nothing short of a seismic event in the digital world. With the introduction of new technologies and reshaping of old ones, Web3 is changing the job market by modifying existing roles and introducing new ones. The year 2024 will be yet another milestone for the industry, and we will see new changes within the Web3 job market as it continues to grow.

In this article, we will update you on exactly how the Web3 job market is expected to change and which jobs you should look out for.

4 Ways How Web3 is Changing the Job Market

There is no doubt that Web3 is modifying the job market, but what is so unique about it, and how is it bringing about this change? Let us look into it in more detail.

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1. Decentralization

At its core, Web3 is ushering in a future that is decentralized and free of a singular governing body. The authority will be dispersed among the multitude rather than remaining in the hands of a central organization. This means the average person will have more control of their data and their finances while also eliminating the need for third-party approval. Decentralization will open doors to technologies like Smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to name a few.

2. Incentives

It is human nature to be drawn to things when there is some reward involved. Web3 is using this tendency to its advantage by using tokens as a reward to attract more customers, users, and employees. Users who contribute to the Web3 community are rewarded for their efforts by means of tokens that can be used as cryptocurrency or can be stored in e-wallets. This has given rise to more traditional roles like community managers and developers within the Web3 industry.

3. Growth

Web3 is the epitome of innovation; there is boundless potential for development with the abundance of new initiatives that are starting to emerge and will keep entering the space. We may anticipate additional jobs to emerge as Web3 continues to develop.

4. Remote Job Opportunities

Roles within the Web3 job market call for a collaborative effort that transcends borders. This is evident by the increase in the number of remote jobs, fostering diversification and seamless integration of many ideas.

What are Web3 Jobs?

Web3 job refers to the plethora of roles that directly impact or involve implementing, maintaining, and developing Web3 technologies. Some technologies that you may be familiar with within the Web3 landscape include blockchain, decentralized applications (DApps), and smart contracts. The roles these Web3 jobs aim to fill include both technical and non-technical positions, which means those who are experts within Web3 and anyone who wishes to switch industries can do so.

However, not all Web3 jobs are easy to get, as they require technical skills such as cryptography, an understanding of blockchain, tokenomics, and decentralized systems. Web3 jobs can be found in multiple companies and organizations as they combine technology with traditional roles. Hence, you can take on a technical role related to Web3 in the healthcare, finance, and education sectors.

Top 3 Web3 Jobs to Look Out for in 2024

Statistics by Vantage Market Research show that the Web3 and blockchain market is growing at a rate of 41.6% annually, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors. This makes it one of the best industries to tap into for those interested. If you are interested, here are some Web3 jobs to keep an eye on in 2024:

1. Web3 Developer

The foundation of the Web3 ecosystem is its developer community, whose skills are invaluable in the creation of DApps and smart contracts. This position requires a high degree of expertise; thus, the pay scale is also weighted towards the upper end, with an average salary of $80,000 to $150,000 annually.

2. UX/UI Designer

Since everyone is aware of the significance of excellent design and how it affects conversions, UX/UI designers are in great demand in the Web3 job market. It should not be surprising that designers and developers have equal growth opportunities, given the ever-increasing number of Web3 projects and the need to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. As a result, the average salary for UX/UI Designers ranges from $70,000 to $130,000 annually.

3. Community Manager

As mentioned earlier, Web3 calls for collaboration and offers incentives to contributors. Community engagement is of high importance within the Web3 ecosystem, and there is a need for a mediator to control things. This position needs to be filled by community managers, who are responsible for fostering and nurturing the Web3 community through means of communication and engagement. 

The role of a community manager is simple and does not require complex skills, which makes it an excellent career option for those who want to dive into the Web3 world. As long as you have great communication and interpersonal skills, you will fit the role perfectly. The average annual pay for the role is also significantly higher ($60,000 – $120,000 per year) than traditional digital marketing roles.

Final Words

Web3, which stands for evolution, is a relatively new concept that has brought about changes that are greater than could have been predicted. These developments have caused a stir in the labour market by pushing certain positions to alter and creating new ones. The job market will continue to evolve without a break; thus, accepting these changes is the best course of action.

There are many roles that offer lucrative opportunities for growth in this rapidly evolving sector. If you are looking for a role within the web3 job market, then the job board at is your companion.