Important Skills to Look for in a Finance Manager

Important Skills to Look for in a Finance Manager

In the fast-paced realm of blockchain finance, the role of a finance manager is more critical than ever. As businesses adapt to the evolving landscape, the demand for skilled professionals capable of steering financial strategies becomes increasingly pronounced. If you are looking for an exceptional blockchain finance manager to help you manage the finances of your business, then you must keep certain skills of a competent finance manager in mind.

Finance managers serve as the backbone of financial stability within organizations, ensuring sound decision-making and efficient resource allocation. This article aims to shed light on the essential skills that distinguish a proficient finance manager, emphasizing their relevance in blockchain finance roles. By understanding these foundational attributes, recruiters can hire individuals equipped with the skills sought after in the competitive and dynamic field of blockchain finance.

1. Expertise in Planning

Finance managers, as architects of an organization’s financial landscape, wield a crucial role in shaping its strategic planning. This involves a delicate balance between short-term decision-making and long-term financial forecasting. In the ever-evolving business environment, the ability to align financial goals with broader corporate objectives is paramount to ensure sustainability and foster growth.

2. Excellent Communication

Communication is the most important element in finance management, where everything is in numbers, and relaying analytical information to the stakeholders becomes vital. A good finance manager is one who knows how to break down complex financial jargon into a language that clients can easily understand.

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Effective communication goes beyond this, encompassing the ability to connect with other departments, senior management, and external partners, bridging the gap between finance and other areas of the business. The role of a finance manager is placed high in the hierarchy within the financial sector. Therefore, it becomes imperative that those in this field have great communication as part of their basic skills.

3. Tech-savviness

With the expansion of technology and its rapid permeation in every aspect of our lives, it is now standard practice for software-based tools to be integrated into the finance landscape. Thus, finance professionals need to demonstrate competence with a range of financial applications and programs. Finance managers use a wide range of software, including spreadsheets, data visualization, and accounting and budgeting applications.

They can precisely generate and analyze spreadsheets, ledgers, graphs, reports, and presentations. Having the capacity to navigate through standard finance software helps blockchain managers keep up to date with industry innovations. It ensures correctness in their work, which in turn promotes efficiency in financial operations.

4. Industry Knowledge

Finance positions inherently involve technical aspects owing to the intricate nature of monetary systems. It becomes even more complex with the involvement of crypto and blockchain owing to their relative nascence. Therefore, being proficient in industry-specific knowledge is not only essential but also imperative to a career as a finance manager. Without expertise in the field, the hired candidate is bound to make errors in their way of working, and errors in the finance sector are not cheap.

5. Leadership Attributes

Being a blockchain finance manager requires delegation of tasks, coming up with solutions to challenging situations, and enforcing decisions to effectively manage all their responsibilities. This is why leadership is placed at a high position when looking at skills possessed by expert finance managers.

Leadership, however, does not just encompass being headstrong. It also calls for being empathetic and a team player. When hiring a finance manager, look at whether they are capable enough to be tasked with the responsibility of managing a team, which means they need to be able to take in varying opinions and effectively manage possible clashes.

To overcome challenges that arise from working in a team, the manager will need to effectively leverage leadership skills to make team members feel valued. This will sometimes require making judgment calls that do not align with one’s way of working, specifically when both solutions at hand are placed at the same level of risk.

6. Ability to Learn

The world of finance is dynamic and ever-changing. Considering the dynamic nature of this field, it demands professionals to adapt to these changes, and as a blockchain finance manager, it demands paramount attention.

Do not aim to recruit someone whose learning is limited to getting a master’s degree and calling it a day. Instead, seek candidates interested in gaining certifications, attending workshops, and subscribing to financial newsletters to stay up-to-date with all the latest advancements in the field. Therefore, when the time comes, you are hiring someone who is well-informed and ready to take on any abrupt changes to their responsibilities.


In conclusion, the role of a finance manager is multifaceted, requiring a diverse skill set to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape. The six skills highlighted in this blog are crucial for success in this dynamic field. Hence, as a recruiter, you need to ensure the candidate you are seeking to hire has what it takes to be an expert in this field.

Keep in mind that as businesses continue to evolve, finance managers must stay ahead of the curve, embracing emerging technologies and trends and honing their skills. If you are ready to hire a finance manager who keeps up with cutting-edge developments, then visit to post your Web3 job opening and recruit candidates who possess the skills needed in this innovative and rapidly growing sector. Your journey towards hiring a highly effective finance manager in the blockchain realm begins here.