How to Become a Web3 Equity Research Analyst

Career Guide: How to Become a Web3 Equity Research Analyst

The Web3 equity research field offers a unique blend of finance, business, and accounting, making it a highly competitive yet rewarding career choice. With many individuals planning to launch careers in these sectors, securing a job with good benefits can be challenging.

As a Web3 equity research analyst, you’ll be instrumental in helping companies and firms leverage their financial data to maximize revenues and minimize unnecessary expenditures. This role is often filled by highly skilled professionals who can work in various financial institutions. Notably, Web3 equity research analysts command a competitive salary, making it a financially rewarding career choice.

However, finding a job as an equity research analyst is not easy. The competition is tough in the Web3 industry, with talented individuals hoping to land the already limited opportunities at once. If you showcase excellent research skills, a liking for accounting and economics, and a financial background, you are highly likely to thrive as a Web3 equity research analyst. All you have to do is build up these skills and land the job you desire.

In this career guide, we will discuss the role these professionals play and how you can become a Web3 equity research analyst.

Tips for Becoming a Web3 Equity Research Analyst

Here are some tips that will help you launch a career as a Web3 equity research analyst:

Conduct Your Own Research & Analysis

    One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your Web3 equity research analyst skills is to start practicing what companies expect you to do in advance. You can seek out investment ideas and start investing on your own or with a trusted partner. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey – resources and support are available to guide you.

    Similarly, you can perform valuation modeling of the leading companies. Here’s how you can do it:

    • Think of an industry or a sector you are genuinely interested in and have enough knowledge about.
    • Make a list of companies from this sector through Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.
    • Filter these companies based on criteria such as size, objectives, geographical location, products, valuation, line of business, etc.
    • Next, download or collect three financial statements from 3 – 5 filtered companies. You can do this by EDGAR or an appropriate filling system.
    • Prepare an Excel sheet with all the numbers and link to the three statements. Follow this by performing an analysis of these companies.
    • Analyze each company’s historical results to show how they have been performing. Next, make a strategic forecast, highlighting how the company can improve and what areas it needs to work on.
    • Conduct a discounted cash flow DCF analysis to evaluate each of these companies.

    Get the Research Published

    Modern technology has made publishing research, even small-scale, a lot easier. Look for places where you can publish your research. Ensure you follow their guidelines and rules to ensure that your research gets published and stays there as an example of your skill. Having your research published leaves a great impact on employers and highlights your abilities as a Web3 equity research analyst.

    You can do the following to get your research published:

    • Develop a thesis on one of your strong or well-researched topics. For example, stock A is under – or overvalued for reasons b, c, and d.
    • Write an extensive report of 1,000 – 2,000 words.
    • Include graphical representations like charts and graphs, as well as your financial model outputs.
    • Use plenty of headings for a defined and well-structured article.
    • Generate a fitting and bold title for the article, including your opinion on the stock (increasing, decreasing, stagnant, etc.)
    • In case the article is rejected, work on the feedback to improve the weak points and try again until it is approved.

    Share the Published Article with Industry Experts

    What is a published article without an audience? As soon as your article is published, consider contacting leading Web3 equity research analysts and associates. Prioritize the stockholders, companies, or sectors that your article and research are about.

    You can also mention this published article in your resume. Here’s how you can do it:

    • Look for job opportunities in Web3, crypto, and blockchain companies that are looking to hire equity research analysts.
    • In your cover letter or resume, highlight the article link for the recruiters to see. Briefly describe the importance of your chosen topic, explain the thesis point, and explain why your proposed ideas, suggestions, or views are valid.
    • Showcase your valuation or financial modeling skills by adding the financial model you have worked on to support your research further.
    • Remember to maintain a humble approach, showing that you did the exercise for educational and learning purposes and have gained significant knowledge in the process.

    Follow Up & Network

    One of the best ways to get hired is by keeping a good network and following up with them. Especially in the Web3 equity research sector, networking can help you land the job you are seeking. However, you will need persistence and motivation to do it.

    Consider sending out emails and attending social events related to the field. Moreover, if you face resistance, ask if they know someone else who can help you with your researched article and assist in landing the ideal job.

    You can also talk to various people for a referral so that you have a continuous pipeline of new people to contact and learn from. Remember that it is a numbers game — the more relevant people you connect with, the higher your chances of getting hired.

    Key Responsibilities as a Web3 Equity Research Analyst:

    While some duties may differ depending on the organization you are working in, the basic responsibilities of a Web3 equity research analyst include the following:

    • Extensive knowledge of the Web3 and crypto industries, including current and upcoming technologies, software, and tools.
    • Conduct research into Web3 and the role it plays in the equity research industry.
    • Research the security policies of target companies and industries.
    • Offer well-researched investment recommendations.
    • Gather and interpret relevant company data for the facilitation of services and recommendations.
    • Research and write reports and publications to present to shareholders and management.
    • Input information into proprietary financial models to create dashboards, charts, and other supporting material.
    • Maintain updated data related to industrial and financial services for current and upcoming events.
    • Conduct primary research alone or with a team.

    Skills and Expertise of a Web3 Equity Research Analyst

    Take a look at the skills and expertise you should have as a Web3 equity research analyst:

    • A Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or accounting. Candidates with MBAs have a higher probability of being shortlisted.
    • Accounting, Finance, Business, Statistics, or Economics can also be chosen as a field of study.
    • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively and explain complex ideas in a simple manner.
    • Capability to take initiative and commit to deadlines with little to no supervision.
    • Be able to work under pressure.
    • Industrial experience in fields such as mining, technology, manufacturing, or transportation.
    • Proficiency in MS Office, Word, or Excel.
    • Knowledge about Capital IQ, Bloomberg, or a similar software is preferred.

    Starting a career as a Web3 equity research analyst is not easy, but all the hard work is worth it. All you have to do is show dedication and work on your skills to land your dream job in a Web3 company. To find relevant jobs in the Web3 industry, you can join to find jobs from companies that need quality candidates to fill their positions.

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